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The Deadliest Enemies Of T-Rex.

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Scientific studies indicate that Tyrannosaurus Rex may not actually have been the tyrant king of prehistoric animals. Despite being a gigantic and really aggressive carnivore, it shared the supremacy as a predator with other dinosaurs as ferocious and even having to fight with others of its own species to survive in such a hostile environment. What enemies did Tyrannosaurus Rex have? Thanks to current science and technology, paleontologists have been able to elucidate some of the great mysteries of the most lethal saurian of the Earth. It had a privileged view, like that of an eagle, which allowed it to see its prey miles away, stalking silently. Its nose had a range of 8 kilometers of perception and its teeth, sharp as chisels and up to 30 centimeters long, turned its bite into a biological weapon absolutely lethal. My Facebook. Music: Creative Commons Attribution (